Kura-hau-awatea (Halo) | What are they?

Kura-hau-awatea (Halo) | What are they?

Have you ever come across a Kura-hau-awatea (Halo) on this website or my social media and found yourself wondering, "What exactly is that?" The second most frequent question I get is, "Is it a dream catcher, right?" Well, it's a bit simpler than that. It's not a dream catcher; it's a unique style of macrame.

The journey of creating Halo's began when I stumbled upon a fascinating concept while scrolling through Pinterest in search of inspiration for macrame wall hangings. There, I discovered a talented artisan crafting macrame pieces within hoops, and I was immediately captivated by the idea. Intrigued, I set out to find tutorials on how to create these hoop macrame pieces but came up empty-handed. Undeterred, I decided to teach myself.

As it turned out, mastering the technique wasn't the most challenging part. The real difficulty lay in figuring out the mathematical intricacies to achieve the desired patterns and getting the tension just right. It required a considerable amount of time, numerous trial-and-error sessions, and yes, some very sore hands.

Eventually, after overcoming these hurdles, I honed the technique and focused on refining the patterns and delving into colour theory. To my surprise, I discovered that colour theory played a significant role—something I hadn't realised before.

Now armed with the perfected technique, intricate patterns, and a grasp of colour theory, I faced the final challenge: finding the right name for this unique style of macrame that resonated with me. Seeking input, I shared my creations with the lady who was tattooing my eyebrows (a story for another time!), and she suggested the name 'HALO.' The moment I heard it, I knew it was perfect.

And that's the story behind Halo's—how they came to be and why they carry that distinctive name.

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